the crazy day

Baa !!baa !!baa!! My alarm went off at 7 o’clock so I get up take a bath  with my orange rubber ducky and clumsily I fell into the bathtub water spilled everywhere my father is going to kill me . what was that my dad yells I faint  in about an hour I wake up to my dad I run under his legs and danced out the door I trip aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh my leg i’m just happy he’s not a fighter it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was it was kind of a win win cause I cleaned the bathroom but didn’t go to school


Hello my name is bob im 20,000 years old and will never die Im like this cause a witch messed up a curse on me when I was born yes I’m that old but I look like I’m 20 . Also i’m a MLB pitcher yesterday I threw a curveball that had so much  spin on it that it reminded of the time when I saw a bullet spinning out of a gun in the revolutionary war and that was how I learned to throw a curveball cause of the way the gun shoots it really hard and grips the bullet rightor the gun will jam

little big kid

Hey i’m jake and i’m unusually small for my age and I get bullied  for it but only verbally  cause i’m 10 but i’m in the 10th grade and it is so easy but not as easy as 4th grade so they moved me up 6 grades which wasn’t enough but whatever . but I have a 95 average cause of gym  and i’m about to tell you a story about gym it was the first day of school I had gym which I was not excited but I had to do it so I did and of course we were playing dodge ball and as soon as the game started I got  hit in the chest and the rest of my body shook so I faked a injury and eventually they didn’t make me go to gym.